iTrekHere Day 3: A rapelling adventure, Fort Payne

  • iTrekHere 2017 Fort Payne

Here at TrekAmerica, we like to think we do adventure pretty well. We love big cities, sure, but getting outside in the beautiful surroundings of the USA is something we're pretty passionate about. Our tours are all about variety - and after a city bike tour in Birmingham the day before, our third day of our #iTrekHere adventure was all about getting active in the great outdoors, by going over some cliff edges.

With ropes attached and professional supervision, obviously.

In the middle of a whole lot of greenery, the van rolled up to True Adventure sports to meet our instructor for the day, who'd be taking us on a rocky rapelling adventure. (Rapelling = abseiling, for those guys in the UK!)

iTrekHere 2017 Fort Payne

iTrekHere 2017 Fort Payne

Following him up into the woodland in the van, the open green fields gave way to tall trees and narrow, uphill roads.

Before pitching ourselves over the edge of a precipice, we stopped off at Weaver Overlook, for some stunning views over Little River Canyon. Aka the perfect profile picture opportunity. A national preserve, Little River itself flows through forest and uplands, with pools and cliffs offering the perfect place for active adventures in a stunning setting. 

And speaking of active adventures...

iTrekHere 2017 Fort Payne

iTrekHere 2017 Fort Payne

How about an 85ft drop, with just a rope to keep you from falling? Strapping on our harnesses and hard hats, it was time to face the edge...

One by one, each of us made our way down the cliff face - some noisier than others! Every single member of the group ended up making it down to the bottom, where there were plenty of high fives all round!

A short walk to the top, and the adventure was over - but definitely one to remember.

Before we properly got on the road again, we took a quick stop-off to cool down in a hidden away pool underneath a waterfall. As the pool's on private land belonging to True Adventure, visitors are rare, which meant we had this secluded spot to enjoy all to ourselves.


To refuel after all the exertion, we took a recommendation from the True Adventure team and stopped off for lunch at the Wildflower Cafe in the small forest town of Mentone. It just so happens to be one of the most charming, adorable and welcoming places we've had the pleasure of eating in.

Serving up tasty dishes alongside deliciously refreshing homemade strawberry lemonade, everyone tucked in and cleared their plates pretty sharpish before taking some time to explore the art and trinkets around the cafe.

Oh, and the staff bought us out some of their tasty desserts to try. You can tell by the above picture exactly how much we enjoyed the peanut butter pie...

Next time - A whole lot of fun in the windy weather in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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