How to pack the perfect travel wardrobe

  • Packing for a TrekAmerica trip

You're super excited about your trip to the States, but before you can throw yourself into the experience, you've got to pack. So how hard can that be? Pretty damn hard actually. You want to have an outfit to fit every eventuality, but have to fit it all into a relatively small backpack or suitcase, which you'll have to carry yourself – eek! Don't worry – follow these steps and you'll nail it. Promise.

Mix and match


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Don't think about lots of different outfits for each occasion, but how all of the items you pack can work together. After all, there might be occasions where you've got just one T-shirt clean and a pair of pants. With no choice but to throw them together, you've got an outfit.

A great way to future proof this is to select various items that can go with each other in many combos. Think about the colours and how they complement all the other garments your packing, as well as the practicalities. Will there be times when you need to layer up for warmth? Or can you add an accessory to turn one daytime outfit into an evening showstopper?

Go low maintenance

No, we're not talking about relationships; we're referring to your clothes. Don't pack that gorgeous dry clean-only dress you love that knocks guys' senseless or that super expensive blazer you save for special occasions. You'll only get to wear it once or twice and it'll end up buried at the bottom of your backpack in a heap. Talking about crumpled heaps, you aren't going to want to spend half your trip ironing, so go for clothes that look good even if they've been scrunched up for days.



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It's amazing how a statement necklace or a flower in your hair can change the whole look of your outfit. And after all, accessories take up so much less space than extra tops or a pair of heels. For boys you may want to just opt for a change of shirt unless you're quite partial to a flower in your hair.

Swap with friends

If your TrekAmerica expedition is quite long, it's only natural you might get bored of your clothes over time. Don't be precious about them and swap with a fellow traveller of the same size, so you can both feel invigorated with a new wardrobe without having to splash out any cash. Also North America is full of thrift stores so if there's no one of the same size you can always bag a cheeky bargain there.

Leave some space

Packing for a TrekAmerica trip

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The temptation is to squash every last inch of your backpack or suitcase with clothes so you don't run out, but this would be a mistake. You're going to the US of A, land of Levis and American Apparel. So fill any gaps in your wardrobe with a shopping trip in NYC or Los Angeles. This will also allow you to see if there's anything missing at the beginning of your trip – you'll soon realise if there's something you wish you had packed. See what all the other Trekkers are wearing and steal ideas from their style to add to your own.

Don't care too much

OK, so you didn't pack quite the right thing. So what? You had so much fun hiking national parks and making new friends, you totally forgot what you were wearing and you look awesome and happy in all your photos from the trip anyway.

For more tips on what to pack for your tour, download your Trek Tips!

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