Hiking the Navajo Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon

  • Hiking Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon

Looking down at the red expanse of limestone spires of Bryce Canyon, you can't help but think of what Ebenezer Bryce, the Mormon homesteader for whom the park is named after, said about the area, "It's a hell of place to lose a cow." A hell of a place indeed. The maze of 'hoodoos', the technical name for the incredible stone columns, would be a daunting place to try and recover livestock.

Thankfully, we just planned on hiking the Queen's Garden / Navajo Loop Trail, touted by the park as "World's Best 3-mile Hike" It's definitely the best way to get up close and personal with the hoodoos.

It's easy to see why the Native Americans of the area believed that the Hoodoos were bad people, turned to stone. Some of them look incredibly human-like (including the famous "Queen Victoria" hoodoo), and even though we know that they were formed through erosion, we couldn't help seeing the shapes and people in the spires.

Later, we went back to the park for sunset. It might be the most incredible time to be at the park—the setting sun sets off the red of the hoodoos, almost making them glow. A hell of a place to spend a Tuesday.

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