First Time Experiences You’ll Never Forget!

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They say you’ll always remember your first time, and you’ll certainly never forget your first TrekAmerica adventure! If you’ve never crossed the Atlantic and don’t know where to start, check out our top picks for first time American experiences.

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Top Experiences You Can’t Miss On Your First America Trip

First time... you see the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

We had to put it in. Well, they called it grand for a reason. Nothing does justice to nature’s finest achievement, and trust us, you’ll never forget your first time. Sunset is the main event here, so head up as the sun starts to dip for the kind of images that’ll break your Instagram. Or why not put some of the dollar you saved on your flights with Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines to good use on a once in a lifetime helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon? The chopper may be lacking the 300+ hours of inflight movies, but we reckon the views will keep you distracted just fine.

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First time... in Las Vegas

Las Vegas group

Sure, you’ve partied before – but never like this. ‘Sin City’ is next level. Feel like a celeb cruising The Strip in a party bus that’s just for you and your Trek buddies in the ultimate party destination. This is your all-out, no holds barred big night out – so raise a glass and let’s make some memories. Your flight home is probably a decent chance to sleep it off – or use Delta’s inflight Free Messaging Pass to swap those morning after photos on WhatsApp.

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First time... on a glacier

Athabasca glacier

Canada’s ultimate road trip is pretty damn cool, no doubt about it. Icefields Parkway is a must in itself, with miles of tarmac that’s almost as smooth as your mate thinks he is after a few brewskies. But the highlight has got to be getting out on to the immense Athabasca Glacier. Your first glacier hike is guaranteed to be a high contender for your new profile pic – and great conversation starter later.

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First time... Boogieing to live jazz on the streets of New Orleans

Parade in the French Quarter

We dare you not to fall in love with the ‘Big Easy’. This is the hip shakin’, music makin’ party capital of the Deep South, where the nightly party spills from the bars onto the streets and music is non-stop! You can be forgiven for thinking elevator jazz is dull, but your first night in New Orleans will reinvent your world. This is jazz as it’s meant to be, ripping and alive and vibrant. If you never thought jazz was your thing, wait til you’re here in the warmth of the evening, walking the neon-lit streets with your drink in hand and the irrepressible beat begins to fill the air... you’ll suddenly get it.

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First time... in the Big Apple

New York City Skyline

Every movie moment, every time you’ve binge-watched Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and dreamed of throwing it all in and moving to New York… and now here’s your chance! Get a slice of the real New York, from scoring the perfect selfie on the Empire State Building to gorging yourself in Manhattan’s bagel and burger joints til your favourite jeans start to bulge. Even if you go with skyscraper expectations, New York delivers.

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First time... at Cowboy Camp

Horse back riding

It all comes down to this: who wouldn’t rather be a cowboy? Well this is one for you – a visit to Betty and Rusty’s Cowboy Camp. Get ready to discover your new I-wish-you-were-my-grandparents: Betty and Rusty are relationship goals. They’re in their seventies and not slowing down any time soon. Join them in the desert, and whether you’re more Butch Cassidy or Sundance Kid, you’ll finally get to do the real thing. You won’t need a fistful of dollars either – a traditional chuckwagon dinner by the campfire is included, and the spare change from your flight deal can go towards horseback trekking amongst the cactuses.

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