Blue Monday: Our Favourite Blue Destinations

With Christmas a distant memory and the idea of warmth feeling like a fictional concept, January is the most miserable month of the year by far. It’s no surprise that the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday, is right in the middle of it. But what’s the use of feeling blue? You have a whole year of incredible travel destinations staring you dead in the face! However, we’re willing to compromise, so in the spirit of Blue Monday, here’s TrekAmerica’s favourite blue destinations!

Alaskan Wilderness

First off, we have the incredible Alaskan Wilderness. Escape the seasonal blues by embracing the gorgeous azure hues of the Root Glacier in Wrangel-St. Elias National Park. Lace up your hiking boots and travel across one of these natural phenomena as you enjoy one of our favourite hikes in America. Once you come back from that first-rate ramble, we’ll charter you a boat through the icy depths of the Kenai Fjords. Although you might be distracted by the sheer beauty of your surroundings, make sure you keep one eye on the waves. You never know when a whale might appear to take a peek at your boat!

Lake Louise

Canadian Parks West

Next up, we’re turning our attention to The Great White North, because what would a blog on ‘blue destinations’ be without Canada? In this stunning country, you can indulge your inner adrenaline junkie as you go white water rafting through the forebodingly named Kicking Horse River. Once you towel off, the tranquil aquamarine waters of Lake Louise are calling your name. Fed by a glacier, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lake this shade of blue anywhere else.

Mountain Trail 

Contrary to its name, Yellowstone National Park has an incredible array of blue to find. The entrancing geothermal pools of the park will draw your attention like a moth to a flame. These incredible springs are heated by a super volcano just beneath the surface, so make sure you don’t get too close to them. Things could get very hot, very quickly! Once you can draw yourself away from the beautiful pools, Old Faithful will blow your expectations out of the water. You can always rely on this geyser to make an appearance, erupting every ninety minutes like clockwork. You definitely won’t be blue when this natural wonder blows you away.

Hawaii Big Island

The January blues will be the last thing on your mind on this stunning trek, you’ll be too busy soaking in the sun and falling in love with Hawaii’s Big Island. The warm waters will welcome you as you snorkel in Kealakekua Bay Park. You’ll see some gorgeous wildlife under the waves, you might even see a dolphin off in the distance! Once you finish getting acquainted with your new friends of the sea, it’s time to take an island tour as you explore the seas on a zodiac-style motorboat. You’ll never want to leave! 

Cities, Sights and Craft Beer Delights

We come to the end of our blue tour in San Francisco.  Visit Bodega Bay and look over the gorgeous blue seas. You might get the chance to spot a migrating pod of whales, or perhaps you’ll see some playful seals splashing through the waves. If you’re more of a landmark lover, amble your way towards the Golden Gate Bridge to bask in the wonder of one of the most iconic sights in the States. As you look at how the incredible red bridge contrasts with the cobalt seas, you’ll realise that Blue Monday passed you by a long time ago.

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