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  • Best ice creams in America

America is a land of food. Every state, city and town seems like it has something unique to try. From cheesesteaks to hotdogs, BBQ to deep-dish pizza, you could easily eat your way across this country. I'm a huge fan of tying food into my travels and especially when guiding tours for Trek America.

But if there is one thing I love above all else, hands down, it's ice cream. Here are some of my favorite places to enjoy delicious ice cream when travelling in America.

Creole Creamery - New Orleans, Louisiana

Creole Creamery ice cream

This gem churns out amazing flavours in its two locations in New Orleans. The line is usually long but it's so worth the wait! In addition to offering the usual flavors, like vanilla and strawberry, the Creole Creamery also takes huge pride in its rotating line of specially created flavors. When I popped in for a visit on a steamy summer afternoon, I sampled their Red Velvet and Lavender Vanilla. Both were sensational. If you're feeling particularly hungry and up for a challenge, go for their Tchoupitoulas Challenge, a massive multi-scoop sundae. Upon completion, you get to be added to their Hall of Fame!

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Lapert's - Sausalito, California

Hailing from the islands of Hawaii, Lapert's has a location close to San Francisco, making it a much easier place to visit. Just across the Golden Gate Bridge in the small town of Sausalito, you can sample some of the best ice cream around. In fact, one of the best ways to reach this one is by renting a bike in San Francisco and riding it across the bridge. Ending the ride with a cone from Lapert's is a perfect way to spend a day visiting San Francisco.

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Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream - Jackson, Wyoming

Sitting right on the edge of Jackson's famous main square is a wonderful ice cream haven. All of their ice cream is natural and organic and they feature a cool collection of flavors - the best one I've tried is Wild Huckleberry. These berries are small and similar in appearance to blueberries but are found mostly in the northwestern American states, and man, are they delicious! Combine them with ice cream and you have a perfect dessert. The Food Network even went so far as to name Moo's Wild Huckleberry flavour the best dessert in the state of Wyoming in 2013.

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Toft's - Cedar Point, Ohio

My group and I first heard about Toft's from a park ranger who was raving about the size of the scoops and how great it tasted. After his remarks we knew we had to hunt this one down and try it for ourselves. Luckily enough, Toft's has a shop right inside Cedar Point Amusement Park and we were heading there that evening! The ranger was spot on. The scoops were the biggest I have ever seen at really good prices. They name some of their flavors after the big roller coasters in the amusement park as well!

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Amy's - Austin, Texas

Summer in Texas is hot. And I mean real hot. The humidity that creeps across Austin makes the search for a cool treat even more important. Thankfully, Amy's is close by! They dish out a heap of homemade flavors and you can add in a bunch of different and delicious toppings too. The shop on South Congress is right in the middle of all the action so you can happily wander the hipster shops and food trucks while enjoying your treat.

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