A melody and a memory

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A melody and a memory are two things that connect, which is why music and travel go perfectly hand in hand.

Anywhere you travel, whether it be your daily route to work, a long flight or if you're heading out on a road trip, there's always one thing most people cannot leave the house without and that is music.

If you've been travelling before, whether it be solo or on a TrekAmerica tour, there's no doubt that you will have a particular song, artist or album that reminds you of all your favourite memories. Such as all the awesome people you met, the amazing experiences you had and most of all, the utterly unique and breathtaking places you visited. There really is nothing better than cruising up the highway, windows rolled down and your favourite playlist blaring through the speakers.

Music is a pretty big deal on any TrekAmerica trip. Out of all the hundreds of departures we have every year, there's one thing that every group has in common – they all have a trip song that they'll listen and sing along to on repeat whilst on the road!

Everyone usually takes turns at calling shotgun (front seat), but this comes with great responsibility and isn't something you should take lightly, so have your favourite playlists at the ready. Some of my favourite memories are from my travels, which is why I love nothing more than listening to the music that brings all of those memories back, as though I am re-living that moment again and again.

Every time I listen to Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes I think of my first trip to Monument Valley. I remember seeing the iconic view as we headed up Highway 163 with the heat mirage bouncing from the ground.

'Make Me A Boat' by The Family Crest takes me back to my hike through Yosemite National Park in 30 degree heat where I can smell the pine trees and hear the waterfalls from afar.

I listen to 'Pontoon' by Little Big Town and I'm instantly back line dancing for the very first time at Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, where my love for country music began.

Not only is it about the music you take with you, but also the music you discover. Nashville has country, Memphis has blues, New Orleans has jazz and Austin... Well, Austin has every kind of music you can imagine. Whether you're listening to your friends iPod, passing by the many talented buskers, or listening to a local radio station, you can find an array of music pretty much anywhere in the USA.

All of these memories will stay with me forever and are so vivid in my memory, which I believe is down to the music I connected with whilst on my trip. So if I offer you one tip for your trip, it would be to not forget your iPod.

If you don't have time to create your own playlist, follow us on Spotify and listen to some sweet tunes picked by us and other Trekkers. Just search TrekAmerica.

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