8 North American cities you should visit in your 20s

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The beauty of being in your 20s is that if you've got some cash saved and if you want to splash it on a trip of a lifetime, more often than not you can! If you're young, wild and free, and love the fast paced vibes of city life, then get yourself to North America.

We've rounded up eight of our favourite cities that are the perfect destination for anyone in their 20s looking for adventure! And if you're reading this and you're a few years past your 20s, that's quite alright, we're pretty sure you'll love them too!

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New York

There's no surprises to see the 'Big Apple' on the list. With some of the best pizza joints, hipster hangouts and iconic landmarks in the world, New York is probably one of the most exciting cities on the planet! The Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn, Broadway and that man selling hot dogs on the street are just some of the things that make this East Coast city awesome!

Manhattan Skyline



Before you head off into the Canadian Rockies with your backpack, walking boots and thirst for adventure, take some time to explore Vancouver. If you're sushi lover, get your chopsticks at the ready, Vancouver has some of the best sushi restaurants at THE best prices! Then work it off with a cycle around Stanley Park or hike up to Grouse Mountain, one of the most hiked mountains in the world.

Vancouver skyline


Las Vegas

You've seen it on countless movies, all your friends have been, but why haven't you? If you're put off by the brash lights and constant party atmosphere, don't be! When you enter the world of Vegas, it will be so different from anything you've ever known it won't be long till you're declaring your love for 'Sin City'. So whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, get yourself to Vegas!

Las Vegas, Nevada



The perfect city for all you coffee addicts! Home to the first ever Starbucks, this city does coffee and it does it good! There are tons of cool bars and awesome places to grab a bite to eat and for amazing views of the city you're spoilt for choice. Head up the iconic Space Needle or enjoy views from the Smith Tower – a favourite with any true Seattleite.

Pike Place Market Seattle


San Francisco

If you do life right, you'll spend some time exploring San Francisco. In the 'City by the Bay' there are epic sights to be seen, delicious foods to be eaten and big red bridges to be walked across. This is a city you'll never want to leave!

Golden Gate Bridge



Miami has got it going on, from its laid-back beach vibes down at SoBe (South Beach) to the most exciting nightlife scene in the states or maybe even the world! This place is beautiful, vibrant and stylish and so are the people who live there.

Miami beach


Los Angeles

There is so much more to LA than celebrities and Hollywood. Don't believe us? Well you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Grab an 'In-N-Out' burger, head to the beach or take a scenic hike around Runyon Canyon Park where you'll witness one of the most breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles



The city of Anchorage is a special one, not only does it have streets packed with bars, museums and restaurants, it's also the perfect place to get your adventure on. Choose from a whole host of adrenaline fuelled activities such as kayaking, hiking, ice climbing and dog sledding all easily accessible from the city. Anchorage is where adventure thrives!

Anchorage, Alaska


Thinking of packing your bags and heading to one of these great cities? Let us help you out! We've created free, downloadable city guides for each one, where you'll find tons of info on how to get around, things to do for free and an insider tip from one of our very own tour leaders. You're welcome!


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