5 Things that happen when you visit Las Vegas for the first time

Vegas is a real-life legend, and it's nothing like the cities you're used to. It's a world-famous hotspot for wild partying, a forest of flashing neon and pumping music, and a treasure trove of quality restaurants and massive shops. What can you expect from your first time in Sin City? Let's find out...

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You'll be blown away by the light show

There's really nothing that compares to the lights on the Las Vegas Strip. The shapes on display are amazing, from hot air balloons to cowboy hats, crowns to guitars. The lights move in crazy patterns, flowing like water through rows of neon. It's totally hypnotic!

You'll think you can just walk down the strip... and you'll be wrong

It's a famous road for sure, but how long can it really be? Well, as it turns out, over four miles. And it's packed end-to-end with exciting, impressive and immense buildings. There's so much to see and do that you can't just stroll down it and take it all in – this requires time to do properly!

You'll realise that a hotel isn't just a hotel

It's just so much more. In Vegas, hotels are first and foremost massive monuments, built around playful themes. From the elegant Bellagio's iconic dancing water fountains to the lush luxury of the Venetian, hotels are as much artworks and shopping complexes as residences.


You'll have to choose between, like, a million restaurants and shops

In grand American tradition, Las Vegas goes big when it comes to food and shopping. All up and down the strip you'll be faced with countless options; aisle after aisle of clothes and massive restaurants filled with sumptuous smells of all kinds!

You'll fall in love (with the city)!

Street magicians and fireworks, sizzling grills and fabulous outfits, flashing lights and towering hotels and flowing booze and rolling dice... there's just so much to love about Vegas. You won't be able to resist falling in love with the place!

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