3 of the USA's best food challenges

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No other nation on earth is quite as synonymous with food as the United States - it's the land that invented such creations as the buffalo wing, BBQ and the deep dish pizza.

Americans love their food so much that it even spawned a whole TV channel called The Food Network which is full of shows such as the craziest food challenges you can attempt! Below are three places where you can test the strength of your own stomach...

72 Ounce Steak Challenge

The joke is that everything is bigger in Texas and at the Big Texan steakhouse in Amarillo, this is particularly true. Here is where you can test yourself by competing in the 72-ounce steak challenge. Not only are you seated on a platform in view of the whole restaurant, you also have to finish the 4.5 pounds of steak AND a piece of bread, a baked potato, a bowl of beans, a salad and the shrimp cocktail. If you can eat everything on your plate in under one hour, you join the hall of fame and get your dinner free. But if you fail to complete the challenge you end up having to pay $72 for the meal.

Ben and Jerry's Vermonster


This 20 scoop ice cream sundae is one for the record books. It is served up in a bucket laden with hot fudge, bananas, brownies, cookies and all the toppings you want! You get to choose any combination of Ben and Jerry's flavors to get to those 20 scoops. The best part is that you can try a Vermonster at many of Ben and Jerry's scoop shops around the country, and not just in Vermont at their headquarters!

7 Pound Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are popular items in the western states, but nowhere are they bigger than at Jack-n-Grill in Denver, Colorado. The burrito is stuffed with 12 eggs, 5 pounds of hash browns, a half a pound of ham and another half-pound of cheese as well as onions, peppers and salsa. There is no time limit, but you do have to finish it in one sitting and if you win you get the burrito for free and your photo goes on the Wall of Fame.

Eat your way from Coast to Coast!

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