3 of the best cities to ride a bike in

Bicycles have always been one of the best ways to get a good feel for a new city. You’re on street level, right in the middle of all the action, rather than zipping underground on some metro, emerging at your destination as if by magic with no idea exactly which direction you just came from.

On a bike, you create a visual map and get a real feel for the different neighborhoods and areas. Usually on a bike you’re in the company of other locals who also know the best way to get to know their city is via a bike seat. Here are my three favorite cities to explore by two wheels.

San Francisco

Girl cycling in San Francisco

With its famous hilly streets, San Fran may not be the first place that comes to mind when considering a bike ride, but it definitely should be! Along Fisherman’s Wharf there are a handful of bike rental companies perfectly located for a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Set aside half a day for the adventure as the ride is a couple miles and takes you along Fisherman’s Wharf, the Presidio and up a steep hill before flattening out along the bridge. The views are stupendous and the weather can be varied so it’s best to bring a jacket for this section. You can ride down into the cute seaside town of Sausalito, grab an ice cream at Lapert’s and catch the ferry back across the bay to San Francisco with your bike.

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This coastal gem sits right where the mountains meet the sea. It’s relatively flat downtown makes for easy exploring but the real treasure is Stanley Park. The paved bike path wraps around the peninsula that the park encompasses for six lovely miles. With the water on one side and a dark green forest of tall fir and spruce trees on the other, this is by far one of the best city parks to bike through. Once you’ve covered the length of the park, head south of the city center via Granville Market where you can pick up some tasty snacks and food items, before continuing along to Kitsilano Beach to catch the sunset.

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Cycling in Chicago

Hugging the shores of Lake Michigan, this flat metropolis is a cyclists dream. Consistently voted one of the most bike friendly cities in America, with its miles of bike lanes and paths, it makes for a perfect place to pick up a bicycle. Some of our Trek’s include an evening biking tour which is one of the highlights of most people’s time in the city.  The route winds around the lakeshore which comes alive on summer nights with Chicagoans running, relaxing, and swimming in the water. You can just feel the buzz. Continuing on through city streets, ride up to Millennium Park and check out Buckingham Fountain with its water show as the Chicago skyline lights up the night. 

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