20 Travel Goals for 2020

  • Girl raising both arms at the edge of the Grand Canyon

Looking for a totally awesome road-trip in 2020? If you’re yearning for adventure on the open road, then TrekAmerica has you covered. We specialise in epic trips to big-city highlights and to mind-blowing scenery in the national parks of the USA, Canada and Central and South America. Whether you’re a first-time traveller or a true nomad, with our awesome trips we can help you complete your travel goals in 2020.

Here are 20 #TravelGoals for 2020 that you can totally ace with Trek:

 Red and white boat in the water in front of Niagara Falls

1) Soak Up the Scenery at Niagara Falls

Get drenched on an awe-inspiring cruise to the mighty Niagara Falls. What it lacks in height it makes up for in volume of water and sheer noise. See it for yourself on our Northeastern Plus tour.

 Colourful blue and purple house in New Orleans with Halloween decorations

2) Get Spooky With It

Our new Trek or Treat Plus tour got chills. They’re multiplying. Check out why this scream-tacular trip is super popular!

 Hand holding a smore in front of fire

3) Less is S’more

Indulge in one of America’s most iconic camping food-stuffs. Camping in the States is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel. And it means you get to eat these delicious, marshmallowy campfire snacks. #Winning! Try ‘em on our Southern Cities & S’Mores trip.

 Grand Canyon Sunrise

4) Let your Jaw Drop at Grand Canyon Sunrise

Your ‘ooohs’ and your ‘aaaahs’ will reverberate across the world’s most epic canyon. Make 2020 the year you tick this mega-sight off your bucket list with our Canyon Adventure.

 Man with cowboy hat wearing red and black jacket facing bars in Nashville

5) Put on your Blue Suede Shoes

Whether Blues and Country are your jam or not, a trip to Nashville is a one-of-a-kind experience. Unforgettable rhythms will have you dancing in the streets in no time. Listen to live music on our Eastern Cities Plus trip.

 Two small bears on a piece of wood in Denali National Park

6) Grin and Bear it in Alaska

You’ll be smiling ear-to-ear when you see the magnificent grizzly bears in their natural habitat. The stunning scenery of Alaska is the perfect backdrop to go bear spotting. Do it on our Alaskan Denali trip.

 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

7) Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

The gateway to San Francisco and an engineering work of art, the Golden Gate Bridge is super Instagram-able and the views on the walk across are something special too. Walk it on the Western Wonder tour.

 Canadian Praries

8) Experience a unique trailer park night in the Prairies

Enjoy a sparsely populated landscape of endless skies on our Canadian Road Trip from New York.

 Lake Tahoe

9) Linger a little with the ultimate chill-out in Lake Tahoe

Join our Pacific Coast and Peaks trip and feel refreshed. With swimming, water sports and a sunset cruise all in one place, Lake Tahoe is the ideal place to achieve your relaxation goals in 2020.

 Group of males and females taking a selfie in front of the Las Vegas sign

10) Board the Party Bus on the Las Vegas Strip

Bright lights. Casinos. Parties. A bus! Need we say more? Hop on board now on our Westerner 2 adventure.

 Old Faithful geyser at sunrise

11) Have Faith in Old Faithful

The geysers & bubbling mud pools in Yellowstone National Park are a must-see. Grab a selfie on our Mountain Trail as the Old Faithful Geyser explodes behind you in this technicolour natural wonderland.

 Hands holding four glasses of beer at a table

12) Grab a Brew. Or Two...

Join us on our Craft Beer tour of Eastern USA, Cities Sights and Craft Beer Delights and visit world famous independent breweries in the home of the craft beer revolution: East Coast USA.

 Empty straight road leading towards mountains through a desert landscape with blue skies

13)  Go on the Mother of All Road Trips

We call it the Great 48. And it’s a beast. 75 days on the road, visiting all 48 contiguous States (with optional extensions to Alaska and Hawaii) this thrilling adventure is the only way to see the WHOLE of the USA.

 Group on a raft on a river with green trees and mountains in the background

14)  Rafting in Jasper National Park

From the base of Athabasca Falls, raft through high canyon walls in the spectacular natural surroundings of Jasper National Park, included on our Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus tour.

 Blue neon Beale Street sign

15)  Celebrate the 4th July in Memphis

Join our special departure on the Southern Sun tour and take part in the epic Independence Day celebrations in Memphis, rock’n’roll capital of the USA.

 Calgary Skyline

16)  Go “Yeehaa!” at the Calgary Stampede

The rodeo show and racing at Calgary’s carnival of cowboys is the epitome of all things Wild West. Experience the thrill of the festival on our Mountie trip special departure.

 Venice Beach sign

17)  Soak-up the scene at a boardwalk bar in Venice Beach

Close-out your Southwest Canyons and Coast adventure with a trip to free-spirited Venice Beach in the star-studded city of Los Angeles.

 Chicago 'bean' sculpture at dusk

18)  Munch Deep Dish Pizza in the “Windy City”

Grabbing a slice of deep dish pizza is a must-have Chicago experience. And if you’re worried about the calorie intake, fear no more. Our Coast to Coast North trip includes a “Bobby’s Bike Hike” through the massive skyscrapers.

 Snowy scene with lit up church and trees in Stowe, Vermont

19)  Experience a White Christmas in Vermont

Discover what it really means to have a White Christmas in the wintery state of Vermont, home to the equally chill, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory (which we definitely make time to visit). Celebrate Christmas Day with snowy activities on our White Christmas, New York New Year adventure.

 Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

20)  Chill on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

After all that manic adventure you deserve to chillax with some serious downtime. Make that your goal on our Hawaii Hopper Plus tour.

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