10 Things that prove New York City is the best city in the world

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It's the 'Big Apple', the city that never sleeps. You've seen it, like, a billion times on the big screen, as the backdrop to romance and drama and battling superheroes. But that's nothing compared to the real thing! New York is the best city in the world... and we can prove it.

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1. The Coffee

New Yorkers love their coffee. The caffeine scene in the city is thriving, with countless coffee shops to choose from and a mind-boggling array of drinks. Often you'll come across cafes or restaurants where the coffee is unlimited!


2. The Pizza

New York and pizza go hand in hand. America's first pizzeria opened here, opening the floodgates for pizza to conquer the world food scene. New York pizza is known by its thin-crust and wide slice size... and of course its delicious taste.


3. Central Park

Central Park has been featured in so much media that it's become practically mythological. This gorgeous patch of greenery is the most visited urban park in the states, as well as one of the world's most-filmed locations.


4. The Statue of Liberty

The ultimate symbol of America. This towering work of art is one of the planet's most recognizable landmarks, and you can go all the way up into her head for some jaw-dropping views of the city.


5. Yellow Taxi Cabs

Yet another of New York's icons, the city's yellow taxi cabs are more than just a colourful quirk – efficient, numerous, easy and fast, you can rely on them to get you wherever you need to go.


6. The Mets and the Yankees

New York is known as the "Capital of Baseball", and for good reason! It has not one, but two absolute world-class teams, the Mets and the Yankees, each with a laundry list of trophies. Plus the atmosphere at a New York ball game is totally unbeatable.


7. The Bronx Zoo

In New York they do everything big, and that includes zoos. The Bronx zoo is the biggest in the states, and among the biggest on the planet. It's got loads of awesome animals and exhibits, so you could easily spend days exploring.


8. The Subway

It should be no surprise by now that the New York Subway system is something of a record-holder. It's the busiest, it has the most stations, and it's not far from the longest in terms of distance, either. It's a pretty handy way of getting around, too!


9. Broadway

The glitz and glamour of Broadway is world-famous. It's the beating heart of showbiz and one of the state's greatest wellsprings of culture. At any time you'll find a whole range mind-blowing musicals!


10. The Skyline

The Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building... New York's skyline is so familiar to most of us that it feels like home, but seeing it on screen just doesn't compare. Watching the sun set over this wonderful city is the kind of experience that stays with you for a lifetime.

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