10 reasons why you should go to California

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For some reason California has always been one of those places that I knew I would I love. Ever since I sat down in front of the TV watching Marissa, Seth and Ryan hanging out on gorgeous beaches living the OC dream I had been planning a visit. Two years ago I was lucky enough to travel up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco and in a few days time I will be doing it all over again, and I can't wait!

Visit California

I'm pretty sure you're already aware that California is one of the coolest, most awesome places to go and hang, but here are 10 reasons why you should get yourself to California as soon as possible!

1. There are so many stunning beaches you won't know where to lay your towel down first, but might we suggest Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

2. You'll drive down one of the most beautiful stretches of road known to mankind

California Highway

3. Ever wondered what the tallest trees in the world look like? Well, head to California and you'll find out!


4. California is so epic even in the world's most bad ass criminals hung out there! Don't worry they're long gone, but you can see where they were kept in Alcatraz Prison


5. You'll get to hike on some of the worlds most famous trails, where you might even spot a bear!

Bear in California

6. It's home to the world's most iconic bridge, isn't she a beauty?!

Golden Gate Bridge

7. Forget McDonalds for a cheeky burger, it's all about In-N-Out burger, 'Animal Style'

InNOut Burger

8. Ever witnessed scenery this good? Well in California you will!

Yosemite National Park

9. Did we mention the beaches? Oh we did, well how about this stunner of a beach with its own 80 ft. waterfall

McWay Falls

10. Two of the USA's most awesome cities, LA and San Francisco are waiting for you to explore

Los Angeles

So there you have it! 10 great reasons why you should book that flight to California right now. Go on, you know you want to!

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