10 Amazing Hawaiian Experiences

  • Things to do in Hawaii

Say 'aloha' to the Island of Hawaii! Check out our top 10 amazing experiences in America's 50th state, from active volcanoes and coffee plantations to turtle spotting and botanical gardens.

Hike amongst active volcanoes

Volcano hike in Hawaii

Hawaii is hot stuff - and we mean that literally, as the island is home to actual active volcanoes. In Volcanoes National Park, you can hike trails over smoking ground and through old lava tubes, as well as seeing the volcanic flowing lava with your very own eyes.

Be awestruck by the natural beauty of Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley

Named after the curved river that flows through it, the sacred Waipio Valley is pretty mindblowing. Busting with beatiful greenery and epic waterfalls, take a tour with a local guide to truly uncover some of the history of this incredible place.

Take a Kona Coffee plantation tour

Hawaiian coffee plantation tour

Can’t start your day without a big ol’ cup of joe? Get your caffeine hit with a tour of Kona Coffee Farm – tastings included!

Snorkel through amongst the coral 

Snorkelling in Hawaii

Pop on your goggles for a spot of snorkelling! The clear Hawaiian waters are teeming with colourful fish, darting amongst the stunning coral settings that lie below the surface of the calm waters at Kealakekua Bay Park.

Stargaze at Mauna Kea Observatory

Mauna Kea Observatory

For an absolutely breathtaking view of the night sky, pay a visit to Mauna Kea Observatory once the sun goes down. With constellations clear as crystal, this one will be a true night to remember!

Spot Green Sea Turtles on the beach

In Hawaii, the Green Sea Turtle is considered a symbol of good luck and longevity. We think seeing these creatures up close is a pretty great thing in itself - so keep your eyes peeled along the shorelines!

Camp out on the water's edge

Camp on the beach in Hawaii

Imagine falling asleep to the soft sounds of lapping waves nearby, and opening your tent to see sand and sparkling blue waters. Camping out on the beach in Hawaii is absolute heaven in a tent!

Explore Kailua-Kona Town

Formerly a sleepy fishing village, Kona Town is now a lively town, full of entertainment, dining, nightlife and shopping options. Explore historical sites, or just kick back and relax on the beach after wandering your way around the town's welcoming seaside streets. 

Take a Zodiac boat ride (and maybe spot a whale!)

Whether you catch sight of a magnificent whale rearing it's head or not, a Zodiac boat ride is the perfect way to get out onto the water, looking over your shoulder as you go at the amazing views of the coastline behind.

World Botanical Gardens

Hawaii Botanical Gardens

Get your #flowersofinstagram hashtag ready - the World Botanical Gardens is home to more than 5,000 types of flora and fauna. Way more impressive than your Dad's favourite garden centre, that's for sure.

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