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We are proud to say that no one knows North America like we do.


Over 40 years ago we pioneered adventure travel in North America and today we are still top of the pack. The concept was simple, get together a group of free-wheeling, independent types, pack up a van with tents, camping gear, and a trek leader and follow the road, hitting all the key places along the way.

Labelled 'Tours for Non-Tourists' trips were aimed at 18-35's and offered a fun, flexible and cheap way to travel. As the only specialist North American small group adventure tour operator we are proud to say that no one knows North America like we do.


History of TrekAmericaTHEN & NOW

Fast forward 40 years and whilst a few things have changed along the way our spirit remains the same, we love bringing together small groups of young, international travellers to experience the best of USA, Canada, Alaska and South America. Taking in the incredible national parks, small towns, amazing cities and fantastic activities, TrekAmerica gives you the ultimate American adventure.



1972 - TrekAmerica is born and our first trip crosses the USA from New York to LA. This evolves into our best selling trip today - the Southern Sun.



1976- Trek puts a foot over the southern border and offers a 3 week trip through Central America. For 1976, this is quite an adventure!



1978 - The mammoth 9 week Trailblazer trip is introduced and becomes an instant hit! All for the sum of £635 including flights!!



1980 - As if the USA wasn't large enough, Trek puts it's other foot over the northern border and adds Canada and Alaska trips.



1988 - Trek is now offering 15 awesome trips. Nearly 25 years later the Westerner 2 and Atlantic Dream are still operating today.



1990 - A WinterSun brochure is launched including 5 new trips in Mexico. Trek has now officially become a year-round operator.



1992 - Trek as we know it begins to take shape as it adds more North American itineraries. Now offering 37 year round trips. 



1996 - As some of our loyal customers edge into their early 40's, Footloose is conceived as an open-age alternative.



1997 - Trek launches into cyberspace with it's first ever website, and the way our trekkers find us will never be the same.



2000 - Our TrekAmerica, WinterSun & Footloose programmes are merged into one massive 80 page brochure.



2004 - Footloose re-launches its own dedicated brochure with new Specialist Trips & Family Adventures



2005 - South America has always been a favourite. Treks in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru & Patagonia are added.



2006 - Trek creates a profile on an unknown website called Facebook. At the time, we're not sure if it will take off?!



2007 - A range of budget lodging trips are launched.. Originally called "cruising" trips, these were quickly re-named 'BLT's'!



2010 - Trek has a major make-over with a new logo and Footloose is re-launched as Grand American Adventures. We also add our new Mini Adventures.



2012 Trek celebrates its 40th anniversary and is the proud winner of an incredible 4 gold awards at the' prestigious British Travel Awards.



2013 - TrekAmerica launches its most epic adventure yet - The Great 48 - an epic road trip covering all 48 states of the transcontinental USA in 80 days.



2014 - TrekAmerica ventures further south introducing our Deep South BLT and BOLT trips .  We also scooped up 4 more awards at the annual British Travel Awards.



2015 We finally tick off our 50th American state by introducing the amazing Hawaii Big Island tour.



2016 - TrekAmerica introduces a range of Plus tours and returns to South America. And we found time to re-design our website. :-) 



100% America 100% Adventure

TrekAmerica - 100% America, 100% Adventure!

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