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Westerner 2 BLT

Jam-packed with unique experiences!

Reviewed October 2017

This holiday was absolutely unforgettable. Looking back I can't believe how much we packed in to two weeks; every place we went to was completely different, and I feel like I've experienced some really unique elements of American culture.

The tour was impeccably organised which made everything - even driving through the desert for eleven hours - easy and fun. The accommodation exceeded expectations and was comfortable, central and friendly and we stayed in some really fascinating places, from a hostel in central San Diego to an UNBELIEVABLY COOL hotel in Las Vegas to a hostel in Yosemite with a hot tub that was the perfect cure to a long day of walking.

Couldn't recommend this holiday highly enough, and would definitely look at booking with Trek America again.

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Westerner 2 BLT

A life changing, once in a life time trip!

Reviewed July 2016

This trip is one of the best experiences of my life and I would recommend it to anyone. I was under 21 which meant I couldn't get into most places, so I would recommend waiting if you want to experience Vegas properly but it didn't effect it too much; although we had a party bus in Vegas which was great fun! Traveling with a group of people you have never met before is so nice. It was interesting to meet people from all over the world and we certainly made some friends for life. The memories you will create together is out of this world and I'm so thankful to have met them! Out tour leader, Jess Leitch, was on her first tour and she did a phenomenal job. She was confident and well organised, she had a great personality to add to the experience. Whilst I was there I trekked to skeleton point at the Grand Canyon, which is the most difficult one you cam do In a day but is so rewarding. We went to the stratosphere where I did the sky jump, everyone thought I was crazy doing it but it was such a rush! We hiked at Yosemite, which has some amazing views! The cities were amazing and the accommodations were all clean and comfortable. Going with trek America was the best decision as I would never have been able to sort out transport and get a round to all the places they sorted out for us. Its a great way to travel and meet new people; I would use them again in the future for sure.

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Westerner 2 BLT


Reviewed July 2016

I have always wanted to do an American Road trip and when i saw the itinerary for the westerner BLT I just had to book! As I booked last minute I also managed to get a food discount which made the trip very good value for money!
Our tour leader Jessica Leitch informed us that this was her first trek post training. She did not disappoint and was very organised. She showed enthusiasm the whole way and spent time with everyone even on her day off. At the end of the trip she made everyone a little illustrated map of the trip with quotes and jokes which was a nice really nice touch and something I will treasure forever.
Our group itself was 11 people from england, scotland, germany, finland, australia and Iraq. It was a good mix and we mostly hung out all together as a big group which was nice, although some days made more sense to split up to get more doen and there was limited time in some places to see everything like in vegas and yosemite.
It's hard to pick a highlight of the trip as it was all so amazing, however I would say probably yosemite or grand canyon as they were both breathtaking. The hikes were a little tough but very rewarding and worth pushing yourself for. Just make sure to take plenty of water and comfortable shoes!
The hotels on the BLT were all good quality with HUGE beds, Sharing a room was never a problem. Theyw were all quite well located and most had free WIFI. The golden nugget in vegas has a swimming pool slide that goes trough a shark tank! We spent 2 nights in hostels, one in san diego which seemed to be in the process of re-refurbishment but was okay and another called the yosemite bug which was in the forest and had a lovely restaurant and spa offering treatments so didn't really feel like a hostel at all!
I don't want to write too much about the details of the trip and ruin the surprise but I would say on the whole that it was amazing and I saw pretty much everything I imagined and more!
My only regret is not parting properly in vegas, unfortunately on the first night there was a problem with the soundsystem on our party bus and we had to wait an hour for a replacement which led to us missing the free entry arranged for the club. Jess the tour leader arranged for us to go to a pool party the following night but I wasn't really feeling it as had to be up at 7.00 the next morning for a 8 hour journey so opted out but I wish I had gone as others who went said it was amazing!
To summarise it was an unforgettable trip and met some amazing people and made some memories i will never forget! really was a trip of a lifetime. Can't wait until I have enough money to book another!

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Westerner 2 BLT

Westerner 2 BLT 6 july to 19 july

Reviewed April 2016

Westerner 2 BLT 6 july to 19 july

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Westerner 2 BLT

Four months on and I'm nowhere near over it...

Reviewed January 2016

Going to America had always been a dream of mine. I had first heard of Trek America four years ago whilst at Univeristy. It took me four years to pluck up the courage to book this trek...and I'm so glad I finally did! It's honestly hands down one of the best things I've ever done.

If you're worried about travelling alone, don't be! I heard the expression 'Trek Family' on forums & social media before I went and didn't really get it. However at the end of our trek we really did feel like a family, and we have had reunions since we have arrived home.

Accommodation was not budget in the slightest! I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to travelling, and having never stayed at a hostel before this was something I was really nervous about. We stayed in just two hostels during the trek and both were so much better than what I was expecting! The hotels were top standard too...especially the Golden Nugget in Vegas!!

The trek itself has a great balance of cities/partying and nature. I've ticked SO many things off my bucket list during this trek. This was mainly due to our amazing tour leader, Kayla. She did everything she could to make the trek a trip of a lifetime and for that I will always be so grateful.

In summary, if you are reading this and thinking "should I? shouldn't I?"...just go for it!! You will not regret it! Four months on and I'm still nowhere near getting over this Trek... and in all honesty I don't think I ever will be!!

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Westerner 2 BLT

A real eye opener and amazing trip!

Reviewed July 2015

Don't be fooled into thinking this is your typical holiday trip as there is nothing relaxing about this particular trek. However, you will see the most amazing sights, meet the most amazing people and experience the most amazing times of your life all in two weeks! It's all worth it.

My best friend and I were fortunate enough to have an amazing group of trekkers and the best trek leader (Rachel) which made the trek completely enjoyable, but remember this is completely a luck of the draw element to the Trek America experience. But for me this added to the excitement previous to us starting the trek.

Best parts of the trek for me personally were the surprisingly nice hotels after staying in a few crazy hostels, its all part of the fun!
Worst parts of the trek were the long hours in the van - nobody seems to mention these before you book the trek which seems weird to me as they are a massive part of the trip. They are long and hard but you bond with your fellow trekkers and learn to get on with it. WIFI in the van however needs to be improved as some people use it ALOT more than others.

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Westerner 2 BLT

So many memories, I want more!!

Reviewed June 2015

This trip was one of th best choices I've ever made. I got to visit so many places I wanted to visit even though I wanted more time in some places (San Fransico) I still got to see lots and was left feeling happy. My most memorable experience will always be walking into the Grand Canyon. Me and one other walked down to Plateau Point which was a 10 hour round trip. I would suggest starting early like we did at 5am as it got soo hot in the afternoon by the time we'd started to walk up the canyon. It's was very challenging but amazing when I look back on it.

There was different choices of activities for everyone and we were all happy with our choices. The hostels/hotels were in great locations to do actives in the day and evening. The hotel in Vegas (golden nugget) wasn't on the strip so we had to get taxis but was nice seeing both sides of Vegas (especially since I turned 21 in Vegas!!). All my group got on great and I felt like I'd known them all for ages and were planning a holiday together this year for anyone who is scared to go on there own. The vans are really cosy with space to move around. Our tour leader Laura was amazing. She had so much knowledge and got involved with us when we went out. Would recommend her to anyone!

But for anyone who is scared to go on their own don't be! Because your together so often you become like family and everyone is so different. If your considering booking this trip DO IT!!!

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Westerner 2 BLT

Incredible 2 weeks

Reviewed April 2015

Got back from the most amazing trip last week, and wishing i was still there, i really didnt want to leave. For years i wanted to travel the west coast, and i wasn't disappointed, just not sure why i waited so long!!
A met a great group of people and had a fab tour leader in Brian, definitely recommend an organised trip like this as you go places you wouldnt do on your own. We had a group of 12 - 7 girls and 5 boys, with people from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and China.
It does say budget lodging, but i was pleasantly surprised, the hotels in Laughlin and Vegas were actually amazing casino hotels! Apart from the hostels, i did share a double room with the same person - we got on really well so was nice to feel comfortable every night after a long day!

So the tour, 2 action packed weeks!
Day 1&2 In San Diego definitely try the local food - we had the fish tacos!! Also look out for Ghiridelli's - best ice cream parlour you'll ever try! On our free day there is plenty to do - I went to the Zoo and Balboa park, then headed to Coronado island ( a must). At night took in the sights of the Gaslamp district, which we stayed in the heart of.

Day 3- Headed to Salvation Mountain, a weird little place in the middle of nowhere, then went for a swim in the Colorado River, and had dinner in Lake Havasu City. Final destination of the day was Laughlin - if you want to gamble, gamble here, a lot cheaper than Vegas. The hotel we stayed in was part of the Casino, so have a dabble :)

Day 4&5 Grand Canyon - a breathtaking sight, you'll never see anything like it. I didnt do the helicopter ride at $279 was a bit much for me, and i have bad travel sickness!! But the view we had on the edge of the Canyon watching the sun go down was pretty special.
The hike the next day was soo tough - i'm not much of a hiker but i did manage a full trail with a crazy incline - the altitude drop was something i wasn't expecting, made it even more difficult. Was a proud moment when you get back to the rim - 5 of the girls stuck together, and everyone on the trail was so encouraging it gets you through. Glad i didn't wear good clothes, the grand canyon dust gets everywear!!

Day 6&7 Time for Vegas. Brian took us down the Strip and then on to a Thrift store - an american must (apparently!). We were staying in Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street and the Container Park which i thought was actually cooler than the Strip. The party bus was everything i expected taking in a few Las Vegas must's (wont spoil the surprise).
On our free day some of us went to shoot some guns- very mental, but so glad i did it. The during the day we did some hotel hopping - its insane to think they are hotels! We managed to catch the Bellagio fountains when they started at 3pm, catching the national anthem and Time to say goodbye- goosebumps. At night just spent some more time by the hotel in Fremont Street. Would have like to have seen a show tho.

Day 8 &9 - After a long drive day we reached Yosemite (actually wasnt too bad- Brian kept it entertaining). Yosemite was really pretty and was cool to see a waterfall, but wasn't feeling the trek that day!!

Day 10&11 San Fran - Dont think we could have been luckier with the weather- we had glorious weather with clear skies and warm. Amazing views as we walked over the Grand Canyon. Alot too see in this city, couldnt fit it all in - but did manage Alcatraz, Pier 39, Cable car (soo cool) lombard street, Golden gate ark, painted ladies, mrs doubtfire's house and shopping at union square. Tired feet that day!

Day 12- Heading back down the pacific coast, some breathtaking sights as you travel down highway 1. Look out for the sea lions. We stopped in a cool little place - San Luiz Obispo for the night. Ended the evening in at hot tub in the hotel.

Day 13- Further down the coast - taking in Santa Barbara, and enjoy some sun bathing on the beach, nice to relax after being on the go so much. Celebrated our last night together with a BBQ on the beach at sunset, then a few drinks in the local bars.

Day 14 LA- Made our tour leader Brian take us down the coast via Malibu. Then we had a quick look around Hollywood, and pictures with the Hollywood, before finishing off the tour on the beach at Venice and Santa Monica. We even got to see a music video being filmed.

Saying bye to everyone was really tough, after being so used to being around them for 2 weeks, but we were already talking of a reunion. Anyone who books this tour will have a fab time, and i'm so jealous of you. I was nervous when i booked, but when you start to find out who's going on your trip, you'll definitely be more excited than nervous! I cant wait to book my next one

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Westerner 2 BLT

best adventure ive been on, truly awesome

Reviewed October 2014

best 2 weeks of my life. the national parks Yosemite and Grand Canyon were my fav. Vegas didnt disapoint either along with San Diego and San Fran. holiday went 2 fast but always does when you have a good time. if you are thinking about this trip, go and see for yourself, trip of a lifetime as they say. id also like to say huge thanks to Jeremy are trek leader who made this trek possible.

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Westerner 2 BLT

An amazing experience!

Reviewed October 2014

If you are debating whether or not to go on this trek just do it!! I loved every minute of it, so much to see and do crammed into a short space of time, would have loved to have longer and if you can do! Was gutted to leave but wasn't able to take longer off work.
There is plenty of travel time, but when you get to the end of he journey it is worth very minute of it!