Trek America Stories

A TrekAmerica trip is not just any holiday, it really is the adventure of a lifetime, and for some of our Trekkers their trip actually changed their lives, leading to weddings, babies and a happily ever after!

Our Tour Leaders have also shared a few tales from their time on the road, so you can see what it's like to have the best job in the world!

We're sure there are lots more of you out there with your own stories about how Trek changed your life. Send them to for a chance to be featured here.

TrekAmerica Tour leaders

Our All-American Tour Leaders really make our trips what they are. We asked three to tell us why they love it, what makes them tick and the weirdest things they've encountered on tour.

  • Russell, Utah

    "I love seeing America through the eyes of my passengers, constantly reaffirming just how awesome and incredible this country really is..."

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  • Phil, Florida

    "I was unaware one of my female trekkers had purchased bear-mace and was keeping it in her bag inside the bus..."

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  • Charles, Georgia

    "As a tour leader, I work throughout the summer and haven't had a day off for my birthday in years! Am I disgruntled and complaining? Not in the least..."

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TrekAmerica Passengers

We've played matchmaker to lots of couples over the past 40 years, and we've caught up with a few Trekkers to find out their stories.

  • Becky and Johnny's Story

    "Deciding to book with TrekAmerica was the best decision we ever made. Many things led us to book, but finding each other and saying we're soul mates never crossed our minds..."

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  • Lauren and Gary's Story

    Perhaps we can't claim that we had a hand in getting Lauren & Gary together, but they did tie the knot in Vegas, with their Trailblazer group as witnesses!

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  • Jen and Ant's Story

    Ten years ago Hannah and her university friend Jen joined a TrekAmerica trip after spending their summer working at Camp America. Here Hannah tells the story of their Trek adventure.

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  • Emma and Steve's Story

    Steve and Emma met on the Grand Trek back in 2008 and went on to become Mr & Mrs in July 2011... here's their story.

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