Tour Leader Profiles

TrekAmerica tour leaders are a special breed, chosen for their professionalism and unbridled enthusiasm for having a great time. They've hiked hundreds of miles of national park trails, found the best campsites, the most comfortable lodges and tried every activity in town.

Perhaps most importantly, all TrekAmerica tour leaders are 100% American and with their passion to explore and share in the experience, they're perfectly suited to lead adventure holidays. They're keen to introduce you to the places that they call home, and will undoubtedly show you a few secret spots along the way.

Meet some of our great tour leaders and read their blogs from the road.

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  • Ali

    Hi, I'm Ali, a second-year tour leader, hailing from Vermont. I started leading tours because I love the outdoors and hated my office job. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, a single summer deal, but then I fell in love. There really isn't any feeling that compares to sitting around a campfire with a great group of people, knowing that today you went somewhere new, somewhere amazing, and that tomorrow you're going to do it all again. Travel has always been my passion, and there's nothing I love more than sharing crazy experiences and this country with fellow travellers from around the world!

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  • Drea

    When I tell people what I do for a living they usually laugh out loud. "So you get paid to road trip with people?" I guess that is essentially what I do! My name is Drea, I was born in Québec City, Canada and I am a Trip Leader, a Blogger and a Travel Videographer. Exploring the world has always been my #1 priority. My family knew early on that I was not going to stick around for very long. As a child I spent my entire days building highways out of books for my Lego cars to travel on. When my mom asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up I told her that I would travel to the West Coast. After she informed me that it was not an actual job I told her that I would find a way to make it one. Did I ever! Being a Tour Leader for Trek America is a dream job.

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  • Vicki

    My name is Vicki, and I am from Minnesota. I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, and spent my summers camping, fishing, biking, and hiking around the Midwest. I studied history at the University of Minnesota, and spent two semesters studying abroad in France and New Zealand. After graduation I spent a year travelling the world. When I returned to the USA I spent two seasons working with conservation and biology in Nevada. After that I started as a trek leader, and haven't looked back. I'm currently in my fourth year leading tours. My favorite destinations on our tours are Moab, UT and Telluride, CO

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  • Russell

    I've been leading tours for TrekAmerica for three years now, after growing up all around Western America in places such as Utah, Idaho, California, and Alaska. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in History and promptly moved to Hawaii where I began leading adventure snorkeling and diving tours. I spend as much time as possible in the Southwest and the Rocky Mountains; climbing, hiking, motorcycling, and canyoneering. When I'm not leading tours I'm often traveling abroad in Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, and Western Europe.

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This week's top 10 most wanted!


    21 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Apr-Sep from

    USA East - Lodging

    Discover the bustling excitement of Washington DC, the beauty of the Carolinas and Southern gems of Nashville, Mississippi and New Orleans on this 21 day adventure. Enjoy the laid back East and soulful Deep South region on this heck of a road trip!

    Highlights: Washington DC | New Orleans | Southern States

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    8 days from KAILUA-KONA

    Apr-Dec from

    Hawaii - Camping

    Say "aloha" to America's 50th state, Hawaii, with its outstanding natural beauty and culture in eight awesome days. Stay in beautiful ocean side campsites, snorkel with turtles, kayak with dolphins and witness one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

    Highlights: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park | Stunning Beaches

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    21 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Apr-Oct from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Our most popular tour for 40 years, thanks to its blend of eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South charm and let's not forget the mountains, canyons and deserts, before a laid-back West Coast sign off. This is what road trip dreams are made of.


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    14 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Oct from

    USA West - Camping

    California, Nevada and Arizona; good things definitely come in threes. The Pacific Coast will surprise you with its eclectic mix of awesome cities and stunning beaches. Add the Grand Canyon and Yosemite into the mix and you've got the ultimate road trip!


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    8 days from NEW ORLEANS

    Jan-Nov from

    USA East - Lodging

    A jam-packed round trip from New Orleans, venturing into historical Birmingham, Alabama before exploring the wild surrounds of the Great Smoky Mountains. Visit the birthplace of blues and rock 'n' roll before learning to line dance in Nashville.

    Highlights: Great Smoky Mountains | Nashville | Memphis

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    14 days from NEW YORK AREA

    May-Sep from

    USA East - Camping

    Start amidst the corridors of power then veer off the tourist paths. Chicago and NYC are fast-paced, but we even the balance with soaring peaks, Great Lakes and Niagara Falls. Add a soundtrack of blues, country & western and you've got the East covered.

    Highlights: Washington DC | Chicago | Niagara Falls

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    63 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Apr-Aug from

    Cross Country - Camping

    If you have two months to venture stateside, then look no further! We've combined two of our most awesome treks to create one epic 63 day road trip! Seriously, if you want full throttle adventure across 29 US states and 2 Canadian provinces, this is it!

    Highlights: The Mother of all Road Trips | 33 States

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    12 days from VANCOUVER

    Jun-Sep from

    Canada - Camping

    The Rockies line up a supreme vision of the wild. Hiking is top-drawer and mountain bikers will be on cloud nine. Add in the wildlife, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and canoeing and you won't find a more exhilarating Canadian adventure.

    Highlights: Spectacular Canadian Rockies | Guided Glacier walk

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    13 days from SAN JOSE

    Jan-Dec from

    Costa Rica - Lodging

    An adventurer's paradise filled with wildlife, towering volcanoes, and lush scenery. Brave river rapids, cycle through awesome scenery, walk through cloud forests and swim on tropical beaches on this Costa Rican adventure.

    Highlights: Sarapiqui | Monteverde | Manuel Antonio

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  • THE GREAT 48

    80 days from MIAMI

    May from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Want to see it all? How about the chance to travel through the great 48 states of America's 50 in one incredible road trip extravaganza? Snake the continent taking in 18 national parks, countless small towns and some of the craziest cities.

    Highlights: Visit all 48 contiguous states of America

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