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Robyn Lyons
Atlantic Dream

Unforgettable experience

Reviewed April 2017
I did the Atlantic dream August 2016 and had an amazing time. It was my first time traveling alone and couldn't have felt more safe. I met one of the girls for the trek in the pre hotel and instantly felt comfortable. When the trek started everyone was so kind and our tour guid was supper helpful
Lucy Morley
Hawaii Big Island

A great opportunity to visit Hawaii as a lone traveller

Reviewed April 2017
I have just arrived back (and have gotten over my jet lag enough to write this) from the Hawaii Big Island tour. This was my 2nd Trek America tour (the first being the Southern Sun from LA back in 2011). I booked this tour because I really needed a holiday and wanted to venture to somewhere I had not been before. I was also limited with the time I was able to get off work and so this tour fitted in nicely along with a couple of days either side to relax. If this is your first Trek America, note that tours can be busy with lots of travelling and activities, if you want to relax don't do it (or have extra time before/after the trip to do this)! We started the tour in Kona where I met the rest of the group - only 5 of us and our tour leader (but there could be up to 13 people per group) - we were given a run down of what the 8 days would include along with what to expect. We were told at this point that our itinerary would be slightly different to that on the website due to a couple of the campsites being closed for refurbishment, this meant staying in new campsites for Trek America and we were told to keep our minds open in regards to what they would be like (I think we all feared the worst) but in the end they were not as bad as we had feared - in fact we all recommended them, so maybe you'll be staying there when you go! And so we began our trip anti-clockwise around the island. I don't want to give too much away but here are my positive and negatives of the trip: Trip Positives: - Very little driving - maximum 3/4hrs per day and this was usually separated by stops at various sites. - Lots of different sights to be seen - Hawaii is a very diverse island. You'll be travelling through grasslands, rainforest and lava - its pretty impressive how much the climate changes in a couple of miles! - Lots of included activities - we were able to go snorkeling, go on a 4x4 ride, do some hiking and sunbathing. - Opportunity to do a helicopter flight over the volcano - only myself and another member did this but it was worth every penny (or should I say cent!) - definitely a top highlight of the trip for me. - You need to keep your eyes on the ocean whenever you can - lots of turtles and dolphins to be seen - A great mix of camping and hotels - note that the hotels are not hotels they include cabins in the Volcanoes National Park (it felt like you were in a hotel room) and a Hostel in Hilo. Trip Negatives: - We were not offered as many optional extra activities as I would have liked - Campsites were very basic - cold showers (often which were outside) or none at all (it was not as bad as it sounds - everyone is in the same boat and it really makes you appreciate the shower when you next have one!) - Too much free time towards the end of the trip with little to do around the campsites - the campsites were generally very secluded and so did not have much to do on our free days (note that the campsites we stayed in were different to those intended) - with this being the case we managed to find things to do and there was rarely a dull moment.
Southern Sun from New York

Best time ever! What an adventure!

Reviewed April 2017
I loved the Southern Sun tour! It was one of the most popular treks for a reason! There is so much to do and see and somehow we managed to fit it all in in 3 weeks! Every place is amazing and everywhere and everything exceeded my expectations. I especially loved Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Texas, Vegas and basically everywhere else too. I made some really amazing friends (who I am still in touch with now) and have so many fun and happy memories from this trip. I actually extended my trip as I did not want to go home, plus I have just booked another trek for this summer! My trek leader Peter O'Donnell was brilliant and definitely made sure we all had an amazing experience, going out of his way for all of us! Definitely recommend this trip to all!
Westerner 3

Amazing experience

Reviewed March 2017
Great trek with great group of people. Amazing trip for national parks.
Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Amazing tour with amazing people!

Reviewed March 2017
Got to see some amazing places, our tour guide was the best, made some great friends and memories! Honestly we all loved this tour! -Got to Fly over the Grand Canyon. -Went Skinny Dipping -Experienced Vegas (Unlimited: buffets, nightlife and excitement) -Fired a SMG and Sniper Rifle -Trekked in Yosemite -Visited Route 66 -Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco is one of my favourite cities I've visited, would recommend.
Canyon Adventure

National Parks at its Best

Reviewed February 2017
This was my 4th trip with Trek America and most definitely the best! 10 days of being in the great outdoors. Being able to spend so much time in all the national parks, you can really see why west is the best. The Grand Canyon, is such an amazing place, and a great place to get to know your group. If you have the funds, you have to do the helicopter flight. You also get a free day, so you can hike as much or as little as possible. If you have the fitness, you should do the bright angel trail down to plateau point. One of the best things i have ever done. Monument Valley, make sure that you do the optional extra of staying over in the valley. We used blackwater company and had the best campground. Being able to sleep outside, no tent and see the milky way was amazing (even if we did wake up to wild horses) Moab - make sure that you spend time in arches on your first day, as this is the only time that you get there. The hike to delicate arch is definitely one i suggest, being able to just chill out at the top with the view is just amazing The 4x4 adventure - THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. Being able to go to place in canyonlands that not everyone can access is amazing. Going into the same slot canyon as 127 hours and it is so out of this world. We camped in the middle of no where and once again slept under the stars and saw the milkyway. the best thing ever. Capitol Reef and Bryce - a short but sweet visit to both, but you get a great insight into the feel of the national park Zion - my favorite place in the world. Both the Narrows and Angels Landing are must hikes if you have the time.
Southern BLT from Los Angeles

Amazing Cities and Incredible National Parks

Reviewed February 2017
After looking at this trek for nearly 6 months, I fully pluck up the courage to book and I am so glad I did. I had an incredible 3 weeks. We had an amazing tour guide called Sam she told us everything we needed to know, kept us in loop, showed us her favourite places and was a laugh to be around. Having a good time on trek really does depend on your group, lucky for me I had a group of 12 who were all lovely and a good laugh to be around. After being back for 5 months I still can't believe how much I saw in a short space of time. I highly recommend this tour to anyone and trek america as a company. I am now planning my trek for this year :) x
Grand BLT

Amazing experience, loved all of it, except the accommodation

Reviewed February 2017
This trek was a once in a life time sort of experience. This trek exceeded my expectations in regards to how much i got to see in the time i was there. The only thing that let this trek down was the standards of the accommodations we were staying in. A few of the nights were spent in 'cabins'. These cabins, although sort of a novelty for one night, soon got old when we realised there was no A/C, no wifi, we were being eaten by bugs and the bathrooms were a 10 minute walk away. We also stayed outside of the main areas of the towns we were staying in, which meant more money was spent getting taxis etc. Although i would of loved to have spent more time in some places, and will definitely visit again, i never felt too rushed and saw most of the things on my list before i went. If you want to see a lot of America in a small amount of time this trip is definitely the one for you!
Ellie-Rose Cousins
Coast to Coast South from New York

Eye Opening, Crazy Adventure

Reviewed February 2017
It was the best trip I have ever taken and I'm glad I did this one first. It was a good balance between cities and national parks. We paired up with the Trailblazer group for our trip as they were running along side each other and that was nice as it meant we had a bigger group for the 33 days and it was nice having more people to get to know and have a chat with at the campsites. Some places we didn't have enough time to really see but the ones we did were great and camping made the whole experience better as the group bonded quickly and it allowed us more time to really get a feel for the places we visisited. I was skeptical at first about camping but honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way as some of the sites were amazing and made our down time fun playing games and cooking together it really felt like a group rather than just travellers.
Canyon Adventure

Amazing hikes with incredible views

Reviewed January 2017
The best US trip I've ever been on! Experienced lots of different and incredible views in so many national parks. A night sleeping out in monument valley, with traditional Navajo food after our tour around in the 4x4 . Canyon lands was also a huge highlight of the trip. Exhausting hikes but definitely worth it. Zion was also amazing, especially the hike through the river. Anyone who enjoys hikes with amazing views to take hundreds of photos along the way.