What do TrekAmerica Tour Leaders do in the off season? (VIDEO)

Mardi Gras 2014Before departing on a TrekAmerica adventure your tour leader remains shrouded in mystery. But, more often than not their reputation proceeds them. If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you will have already met some of our awesome leaders and had an insight into what life is like as a TrekAmerica tour leader.

Our tour leaders are all American (or Canadian, or Central American) citizens which means they can really help you get under the skin of the countries you visit. They work hard to make sure you and your fellow Trekkers have the time of your lives; and in return they end up having the time of theirs. I mean, they get to spend their time travelling around a beautiful and vast country which they are extremely proud to call home. The fact that they get to meet and spend quality time with you guys is a clear added bonus.

So, who applies to be a tour leader?

It takes a certain type of person to become a tour leader, you need the obvious characteristics such as great organisational skills and patience. They also need to be friendly, approachable and have a certain level of fitness. But, most of all they need to have a sense of adventure, without this then how can they inspire you and encourage you to take on new challenges when you’re on the road? After all, having these new, exciting and often challenging experiences is what makes your trip stick in your memory forever. We asked our leaders what they do for fun in their time off when they’re not on the road:

Winterset GuidesSince starting with Trek in 2010 I’ve fit in a few trips over to Europe to visit friends I’ve made on the road, spent three months backpacking from Mexico down to Peru. Besides big trips overseas, I also have fit in some great times here in North America. One of the huge perks of this job is that I’m surrounded by a group of amazing fellow guides who are always up to go explore somewhere new, or even revisit our favorite places knowing that each time will be different. Victoria Muenchow 

Most of our tour leaders don’t just leave their sense of adventure in the van when the season finishes, they pack it up in their bags and take it home with them. We were recently sent in a video from one of our tour leaders which shows how much they love to travel their home country in their spare time. Take a look at Matt Boumphrey’s extremely awesome and inspiring video, he clearly has no idea what Dolly Parton was talking about with her ‘9 to 5’ nonsense!

These tour leaders are truly living the dream and I don’t know about you, but this definitely makes me want to go out and find some adventure of my own. What would you do with your time off, if you were a TrekAmerica tour leader?