Smells Like Team Spirit

It’s amazing how sweet life tastes when you’re picnicking 3 times a day! Looking back at my first adventure travel experience I was a little curious about the idea of a “Food Kitty.” “Back to being a starving student” is the idea that came to mind when I was imagining what I would get to munch on for $10 a day. How surprised was I to find out that I actually ate far better on the road than I ever did at home. We travel with a full kitchen so as far as gastronomy goes, the sky is the limit!

Eating on the roadSay hello to our amazing models. They are my Wilderness Chefs in training from the Trek America Mountie tour that I am currently running in Western Canada. For those of you that have never traveled with us before – you’re in for a treat! At the beginning of the trip we collect a contribution of $10 a day per person which goes into the food kitty. All of these dollar bills will be used up to cover everyone’s food needs for the duration of the journey. We work on a rotation system a.k.a. “The Rota” which means that every task soon becomes a party. Split into teams of amazing individuals we shop, cook and clean together. Long gone are the days of doing the dishes all alone while everyone else watches TV. The kick to this system? You only get to cook a day out of 4. You’ll soon be glad to be have all of that extra time to dream up your next cooking experimentations.

DreaM_TrekBlog_Pic03Most of my all-time favorite meals were made by a campfire. Start researching some tasty food ideas now – it’s pretty crazy what you can achieve whilst cooking under the stars. You’ll be forever grateful about your newly developed skills the day that reality TV starts making a show about wilderness cooking. I’ll make sure to come around to collect my 10% agent fees the day you start making a little fortune out of your wild “chefmanship” skills.


Here are a few of the million things that we collectively learnt from cooking on the road:

1. Don’t try to make french fries on a propane stove. No one has ever managed to pull it off. A nice alternative would be making mashed potatoes or baked potatoes (wrap up your potatoes in tinfoil and roast them over the campfire).

2. The closest thing to heaven is Smores. Take 2 Graham cookies and melt chocolate on one of them. Roast a marshmallow on the fire and stick it between the 2 graham cookies as soon as it’s “Al Dente”. Thank us later.

3. For some magical reason blocks of ice take about 4 times longer to melt than bags of ice cubes. Keep that in mind when you are shopping for the kitty. You will later be able to spend that precious money on cheese or lobsters!