Meet a TrekAmerica tour leader (VIDEO)

One of the most pivotal parts of any TrekAmerica tour is heading down to the reception of your hotel the morning of your tour. More often than not you will be filled with excitement, nerves and anticipation about who will be joining you on your epic journey and who your tour leader will be. We try to give you as much insight as possible into our lovely leaders with on the road stories from the leaders themselves and posts about what they get up to on their days off.

With the new season in full swing we asked tour leader of three years, James Frazier Garland to say hello to you guys and tell you all a little bit about himself and to give you a sneak peak of life on the road.

Say hello to James Frazier Garland and his Trek pet Bonnie

There will be more stories from James coming soon, so stay tuned!

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