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An afternoon in Brooklyn

I’m always trying to sell people on the merits of Brooklyn, which is where I lived, briefly, before becoming a tour leader. A few our trips such as Best of the East and the Grand Trek start

Tracking coffee in New Orleans

It started in Santa Fe. There we were, putting away our tents, getting ready to leave for Carlsbad Caverns, when another Trek leader came over and introduced himself. This happens all the time—there’s over a hundred and

TrekAmerica – Unplugged

For us North American tour leaders, this is the first year that we’ve had WiFi available in the vans. Mostly, it’s great. Everyone can upload their pictures, keep in touch with family and friends back at home.

A meaty-filled museum dedicated completely to SPAM®

In my last post I talked about those quirky roadside attractions that industrious Americans thought up to pull in the road tripping masses. The SPAM® Museum in Austin, Minnesota is not one of those attractions. It is

America’s roadside attractions

Every kid in America waiting to get their driver’s license knows that a car equals freedom; there’s no mode of transportation quite as flexible, quite as capricious as a car. You see a sign for something weird

A Rodeo in Cody, Wyoming – Video

Check out this video of a real life rodeo show in Cody, Wyoming. Let me know what you think using the comments box below!

Hiking the Navajo Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon

Looking down at the red expanse of limestone spires of Bryce Canyon, you can’t help but think of what Ebenezer Bryce, the Mormon homesteader for whom the park is named after, said about the area, “It’s a

I wanna be… an elephant seal!

We’ve seen a lot of amazing wildlife on this Northern Trail trip: bison in Yellowstone, mountain goats in Badlands. But no creature belly drags its way into your heart quite like the unassuming elephant seal.  Just off

My parents met on a TrekAmerica trip – video

On my recent Southern Sun tour, I met not one but two passengers whose parents met on a TrekAmerica trip. Amazing huh? Here is Andrew’s story…

So what’s in New Jersey, anyway?

Almost all of the Trek America trips that include the east coast begin or end at the gateway hotel in New Jersey. Passengers are always asking me questions about it. Why New Jersey? What’s even there? Is it