10 reasons why you should go to California

For some reason California has always been one of those places that I knew I would I love. Ever since I sat down in front of the TV watching Marissa, Seth and Ryan hanging out on gorgeous

5 Things to look for in California

The Golden State is always in the spotlight. It’s in so many songs, films, TV shows, books and just about everything else that it takes on a near-legendary status. Frankly, it kind of earned it. So, you

A melody and a memory

A melody and a memory are two things that connect, which is why music and travel go perfectly hand in hand. Anywhere you travel, whether it be your daily route to work, a long flight or if

8 North American cities you should visit in your 20s

The beauty of being in your 20s is that if you’ve got some cash saved and if you want to splash it on a trip of a lifetime, more often than not you can! If you’re young,

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It’s the ‘Big Apple’, the city that never sleeps. You’ve seen it, like, a billion times on the big screen, as the backdrop to romance and drama and battling superheroes. But that’s nothing compared to the real

5 Things that happen when you visit Las Vegas for the first time

Vegas is a real-life legend, and it’s nothing like the cities you’re used to. It’s a world-famous hotspot for wild partying, a forest of flashing neon and pumping music, and a treasure trove of quality restaurants and

5 seriously awesome hikes to do in the USA

There’s so much more to the USA than big city lights, albeit they’re pretty awesome! Take a drive into the wilderness of the USA and you’ll be greeted by Mother Nature in all her glory and what

Tales from a Trekker

With so many of you lovely Trekkers joining us on the road each year we have decided to publish some of your stories right here for past, present and future Trekkers to read all about. We share

Meet the newest member of the TrekAmerica team

Hello past and future Trekkers! My name is Natasha and I recently joined the TrekAmerica sales team in January 2016. I love America! My first trip to America was when I was only 16, where I did

Suitcase vs backpack – which should you take on your adventure?

One of the biggest decisions to make in the planning stages of your trip, apart from the itinerary, is whether to take a suitcase or a backpack. This is because the luggage you are carting around with