East Coast vs West Coast – which is best?

Like many countries, the East Coast of the USA has pitted itself against firm rivals the West Coast in a battle of wills. Whether it be Lakers against 76ers or the Cosmo cocktail versus the West Coast

Top 10 Most Instagrammable National Parks

As much as we’re all about putting your phone in your pocket and experiencing everything through your own eyes, sometimes you just gotta snap that view, right? On August 25th the U.S. National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday

Cities + Soul – must-dos for music lovers

Whether you’re a pop lover, heavy rocker or a jazz aficionado, the States’ rich musical history and culture truly has something for everyone. From punk origins in New York and the roots of country legends in the Deep

Why You Need to Hike Yosemite’s Mist Trail

Want to take a break from the bustle of the city? America’s national parks are a huge part of our treks, and for good reason – our Trekkers love them! August 25th marks the centennial of the

Festive Fun in the Sunshine State and the Big Easy

It’s never too early to make amazing Christmas and New Year plans, right? Especially when you could be jetting off to unwrap a whole load of fun in the States! Blogger Laura Francis shares her time on

Top 10 USA winter destinations to escape to

The sun might have his hat on right now, but come September, October and beyond, the dreaded winter weather looms. Dull, dreary evenings, raincoats and scarves await. But what if there’s a better way to spend your time? Just imagine

7 Awesome American Summer Experiences

Summertime in the States is pretty unbeatable, right? Temperatures are high, drinks are flowing and everybody’s having the best time. Here are some of the TrekAmerica team’s fave things to get up to while the sun’s shining…

A new face behind the TrekAmerica blog

Hi Trekkers! I’m Milly, and I’m the newest addition to the TrekAmerica team, stepping into the shoes of the wonderful Lindsey as Marketing and Social Media Exec. I’ll be hooking you up with plenty of content to get

What comes next? Travelling after Summer Camp

Camp is an amazing experience. You’ve made friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life, you’ve created memories together that you’ll never forget, and you’ve changed lives. But everything comes to an end. The fun

All American Au Pair Adventures

Working as an au pair is pretty special. You’ve had new experiences, been part of a family, and made a difference in a child’s life. But, amazing though this part of your life has been, everything comes