Summer 2014 Highlights: The #Blog4Trek Panallist

Earlier this year we had a fantastic competition for one of you guys to blog for us out on the road in our #Blog4Trek competition. To help us judge the competition we had the help of three

Summer 2014 Highlights: The Trekkers

With 2014 being such an awesome year we thought it would be a great idea to reminisce and find out what some of your highlights have been. We’ve heard from the Tour Leaders who guide you on these

Summer 2014 Highlights: The Tour Leaders

I’m pretty sure you guys will agree that 2014 has been an absolutely awesome year, am I right? We’ve seen the launch of our amazing new brochure, with incredible trips including our fav foodie tour, Trek Vs

12 Days of Trekmas Prize Giveaway

Any traveller or budding traveller will have a long list of things that they need or simply just have to have to make their trip complete. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity

Feeling the heat in Boiling River, Yellowstone

On any hot summer day, or even any cool autumn day, the hippest place to be while at Yellowstone National Park is the park’s lesser-known treasure: the Boiling River. The Boiling River, located at the Montana/Wyoming border

Dressing up in 1880’s Town!

Not many TrekAmerica trips traverse through the prairie grasslands of South Dakota, and after a couple of hours driving over an otherwise flat, empty land, many trekkers ask “What is here?” Only Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse

Winter warmers for Christmas, & beyond!

Can you believe it, Christmas is almost here? I know, crazy right? Now, before you start frantically scribbling a list of things you need to buy that person, or this person, just calm down, everything will be

An American Classic: The Drive-in

When I ask my groups the question “Have you ever been to the drive-in?” the answer is almost unanimously “no”. In fact, today is different for Americans as well; with roughly 350 drive-in theaters remaining in the

USA vs Canada; which one gets your vote?

There comes a time in your life when a year away travelling the world is no longer a feasible and a quick travel fix in between your 9-5 daily routine is the only way you can feed