Camp Leaders & TrekAmerica: The perfect relationship

Here at Camp Leaders, we’re big fans of our friends over at TrekAmerica, that’s why we work together so well. They’re the peanut butter to our jelly. They’re the Chandler to our Joey. TrekAmerica are the rock

A Sensational Southwest Storm

“Should we still be standing here?” asks one of my passengers as the sky, yet again, turns a luminous yellow against the black and blue sky, the thunder rolling immediately after. “Eeh, probably not anymore,” I answer

48 hours in San Francisco

Don’t get me wrong I love camping and being in the great outdoors and on my 14 day trip along the Pacific Coast I had the opportunity to stay in some truly incredible camping locations. But, as

Enjoying some Kaibab solitude

True serenity is waking to the sound of a sputtering woodpecker and a chorus of birds in The Kaibab National Forest, the worlds largest expanse of ponderosa pines. The sun splashes across the towering needled tree tops

10 things every Trekker should have with them!

Maybe you’ve booked a three-week long adventure from New York to Los Angeles on the classic Southern Sun or maybe you’re touring the Rocky Mountains and California Coast on the Pacific Dream; the question is, are you

The most awesome All-American playlist you’ve ever heard, EVER!

Road trips are awesome there is absolutely no doubt about that and here at TrekAmerica we like to think we have some pretty darn good ones, I’m sure our past trekkers will agree, right? It doesn’t matter

San Francisco dining in Chinatown

No doubt one of the worlds greatest cities, San Francisco is a place of secrets, oddities and hidden gems. The notorious Bay Fog obscured the narrow inlet into one of the world’s greatest natural harbors from Spanish

Tales from a Trekker

With so many of you lovely Trekkers joining us on the road each year we have decided to publish some of your stories right here for past, present and future bloggers to read all about. We share

Mount Cadillac: The First & The Best

There are approximately 2,800 miles between New York and Los Angeles; 3,300 between Seattle and Miami; 3,100 from Boston to San Francisco. And as a Trek leader, I could be anywhere among them with less than a