UK vs USA: Top 15 things not to say in the USA

Travelling in the USA really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and along the way, you are sure to meet some interesting characters that will offer a closer look into rural Americana. However, while One Direction, Bond and Downton

10 cities, 10 restaurants, dinners under $10

Part of the ‘Americana’ experience will undoubtedly be the food. Whether it is juicy grease-dripping burgers, lip-smacking ribs, or merely something to get you over that pounding hangover, the city food scenes are to die for here.

Top 10 Old and Funny Laws in the USA

Let’s face it, when you tell someone you’re thinking of travelling to the USA, you don’t expect to hear the words ‘Don’t drive with an uncaged bear – you might get arrested’. But actually, given the HUGE

Your top 10 most wanted U.S. destinations

The USA; a place where dreams of seeing cities and landscapes you’ve only ever seen on the big screen can come true! We love to share with you guys, and we’re often rounding up our favourite stateside

10 reasons why the USA should be on your travel bucket list

We all know and love America, how could we not? It brought us Friends, spicy chicken wings and everyone’s favourite chocolate biscuit, the Oreo! But, the good ole’ United States of America has so much more to

Tales from a Trekker

With so many of you lovely Trekkers joining us on the road each year we have decided to publish some of your stories right here for past, present and future Trekkers to read all about. We share

Our top tips for saving for travel

When it comes to saving, patience is most definitely the key. If there was a quick and easy way to save money, we’d all be doing it. The best ways to stick to your saving goals is

The #Save4Trek Twitter chat is here!

Date: Thursday 5th March, 6pm (GMT) Venue: Twitter at @TrekAmerica and @TheTravelHack Hashtags: #Save4Trek Summer can’t come quick enough if you ask me, and I am pretty sure you’ll agree that the only way to beat the

Quiz: What kind of saver are you?

We’ve created a fab infographic highlighting how young people save money and what they ideally would love to spend their hard earned cash on, and travel came out on top (of course!). With money being one of