A new face behind the TrekAmerica blog

Hi Trekkers! I’m Milly, and I’m the newest addition to the TrekAmerica team, stepping into the shoes of the wonderful Lindsey as Marketing and Social Media Exec. I’ll be hooking you up with plenty of content to get

What comes next? Travelling after Summer Camp

Camp is an amazing experience. You’ve made friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life, you’ve created memories together that you’ll never forget, and you’ve changed lives. But everything comes to an end. The fun

All American Au Pair Adventures

Working as an au pair is pretty special. You’ve had new experiences, been part of a family, and made a difference in a child’s life. But, amazing though this part of your life has been, everything comes

Our top tips for travelling solo

I sit and listen to my friends tell me that they can’t go on holiday for this reason and that reason, and to be honest if they really, really wanted to escape and see new places they

10 reasons why you should go to California

For some reason California has always been one of those places that I knew I would I love. Ever since I sat down in front of the TV watching Marissa, Seth and Ryan hanging out on gorgeous

5 Things to look for in California

The Golden State is always in the spotlight. It’s in so many songs, films, TV shows, books and just about everything else that it takes on a near-legendary status. Frankly, it kind of earned it. So, you

A melody and a memory

A melody and a memory are two things that connect, which is why music and travel go perfectly hand in hand. Anywhere you travel, whether it be your daily route to work, a long flight or if

8 North American cities you should visit in your 20s

The beauty of being in your 20s is that if you’ve got some cash saved and if you want to splash it on a trip of a lifetime, more often than not you can! If you’re young,

10 Things that prove New York City is the best city in the world

It’s the ‘Big Apple’, the city that never sleeps. You’ve seen it, like, a billion times on the big screen, as the backdrop to romance and drama and battling superheroes. But that’s nothing compared to the real

5 Things that happen when you visit Las Vegas for the first time

Vegas is a real-life legend, and it’s nothing like the cities you’re used to. It’s a world-famous hotspot for wild partying, a forest of flashing neon and pumping music, and a treasure trove of quality restaurants and